As a parent or grandparent you know what toy your child would enjoy and it simplifies the buying process, but what to buy when buying a toy as a gift for some other child? At some point or other, everyone has to buy a toy either for their niece or nephew or your child’s friends or your friend’s children. Whatever the case may be, the best gifting solution for a child is buying them a toy that is both educational yet fun. But, easier said than done! The first thing to know is whether you are buying for a girl or for a boy. And, if you don’t that is also okay as these days there are toys that are gender ambiguous, meaning they can be used by both, whether boy or girl. Next thing you’d need to consider is picking out an age-appropriate toy. As children grow, their mind and body develops and they are able to handle more complex toys. For young children, wooden toys can be a perfect gifting option as they are made out of natural material while for older children you can look for other materials also. Another thing to consider is the hobby of the child. If you are aware of what the child enjoys then gifting them something from that category could make for a good gift. For example if the child is fond of music, then an instrument to play or a mic to sing can be a good option. Similarly if the child is into arts and crafts then some DIY toys can be an option. One last tip to make your gift count not only for the child, but also for the parents; the educational the gift, the happier the parents! You can get gifts that are both educational and fun making it the perfect gift for a growing child as they learn while they play. Seeing a happy expression on a child is one of the few better feelings you can experience in life, so make your gift count. Follow these simple yet effective tips to buy that perfect gift that will make the child squeak with excitement. You can explore our products range at: -