Children Psychology

  1. How Can Educational Toys Help Children Suffering from Conduct Disorder?

    How can Educational Toys Help Children with Conduct Disorder

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    Conduct disorder or CD is very much like many other childhood mental issues. It is epitomized by the way a child reacts towards rules set at home and at school. It often results in aggression towards peers and those who may challenge their behavior.

    Often children with CD will push boundaries to the limit which can result25

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  2. Can Educational Toys help Children with Learning Disorders?


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    Before we can answer that question, one needs to define what a learning disorder is? There is no one generic learning disorder, and many parents would be well aware of the specific one that may affect their kid. Specific conditions include Dyslexia, ADHD, and Dysgraphia; I will discuss these in more detail in other blogs.

    Learning disorders specifically can result from a neurodevelopmental condition. As a teacher25

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