7 Reasons You Should Buy More Wooden Toys For Your Children

7 Reasons You Should Buy More Wooden Toys For Your Children

7 Reasons You Should Buy More Wooden Toys For Your Children

Wood does not wound, break down, shatter, wear out; it lasts long. If these reasons aren’t enough, we’ve got 7 more reasons why you should buy wooden toys for your children.

#1 Wooden Toys Are Durable

Children aren’t exactly gentle while playing. Also, plastic toys tend to break more easily and when that happens, your little one would get upset and might even throw a tantrum. As for you, the parent, you would have to throw the broken toy away and get them another one that is durable. So why buy a plastic toy when wooden toys are child-friendly.

#2 Wooden Toys Encourage Creative Play

It usually depends on what kind of toy you are buying but most of the time wooden toys encourage creative play while the modern and popular toys just do everything by themselves and kids just sit and watch it at work. Toys that don’t move and don’t make a sound can stimulate your children’s imagination in ways known only to them.

#3 Wooden Toys Are Versatile

Depending on your child’s age and level of activity, the same toy can be used in different ways to achieve different purposes.

#4 Wooden Toys Have Texture

Place a toy in your toddler’s hand and the first thing they do is feel it, so the more texture-rich the toy is, the more your child enjoys playing with it giving them an added experience. And, plastic as we all know is a bit boring and certainly has no texture to it.

#5 Wooden Toys Are Safe

Since they are harder to break, they’re less likely to leave small and sometimes dangerous parts around. Also, a lot fewer chemicals go into making wooden toys making them greener and eco-friendly. Also, by buying wooden toys for our children we are keeping them in close contact with the tree and nature.

#6 Wooden Toys Are Beautiful

Maybe we are partial towards them, but wooden toys just look nicer. They’re timeless and it just adds to its beauty.

#7 Wooden Toys Grow With Your Child

Wooden toys like train sets, board games, blocks, etc. are timeless pieces that can be enjoyed at any age. Your older child might not want to pick up a plastic toy at a later stage, but wouldn’t mind playing with a wooden one and that’s what makes wooden toys classics and for-all-age.


May 21 2018
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