Dyslexia is in fact a specific learning disorder that can be quite insidious initially in young children. Often, we think our kid may be a little slow or not so smart; he or she seems to struggle with reading and illustrates poor spelling. This is reinforced by the fact that they may start talking later than most and seem to learn words a lot slower than others.

In fact, until our child has the dyslexic test, we are none the wiser. This test involves 34 unique traits, ranging from a child who seems bright but whose school results don’t reflect it. They seem to zone out or not pay attention and can become unruly and a distraction to the rest of the class. They get confused with words, sentences, numbers, and phrases; so much so that they can suffer from headaches and dizziness. Of the 34 traits, children diagnosed with Dyslexia have at least 10 of these. What is most difficult as a parent is that your child can be very inconsistent; one day he or she seems a lot better but then goes downhill the next.

So, what can we as parents do to help our child’s learning development? As learning can be really difficult in these times, we need to do our best to make reading and writing as enjoyable as possible. Educational toys are a perfect way to get your child to learn and also practice in a fun environment.

Alphabet-trains.com has a vast selection of educational toys that can do exactly the above. Let’s look at a few in detail.

Speedster Personalized Children Book

Speedster Personalized Storybook

The best way to generate interest in a child who has Dyslexia is to make them the center of a story. Here your child can be that special racing car driver, competing against the best there is. The level of pride your child will show will help them improve their reading skills.

Locks and Latches Board

Montessori Lock and Latches Board by TAG Toys

Whilst this isn’t specifically an educational toy that will help improve reading or writing skills, what it does is improve your child’s memory and will give long periods of enjoyment. Anytime your kid can focus on other things in a fun manner, will help their mental health.

Stem Toy Truck 4 Pack

Stem Toy 4 Pack Truck by Luke's Toy Factory

Again, like the previous toy, this one encourages a child to play creatively; it has different levels of problem-solving and is a form of exploratory learning.

In summary, it is no simple job to parent a child with dyslexia; there will be plenty of difficulties and a few tears. However, with a fair bit of patience and a variety of learning activities and experiences, your child can fit into the mainstream a lot easier. Educational toys are a great way to challenge your child in a fun manner, without creating stress and frustration. This will help create a positive home environment, which is beneficial to any other siblings.