With a toddler around, it might feel like what you do all day is feed, change diapers and try to get some sleep. But there’s one important thing you are missing out on for your baby’s development. While it might seem the baby can’t do much, but it’s never too early to play with them.

Even if they aren’t doing much activity, babies still take everything in and just like feeding playing is another great way to build that vital bond with your little one.

How much your child learns from the experiences depends on how much efforts you put in. By choosing the right toys and activities for your little one, you can set them on a path of sensory, motor, physical, social and emotional development.

Since toddlers cannot pick the toy of their choice, it rests on you to select playthings that would give them a chance to practice and refine new skills. Education wooden toys can be the perfect playmate to start for a child’s intellectual development.