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Luke's Factory EcoTruck 2 Pack Set

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Luke's Toy Factory - 2 Pack Eco-Truck

Luke's Toy Factory creates educational and eco-friendly toys that are made in America. These colorful toy trucks are made with 30 percent sawdust, yet are durable for all kinds of play.

This set is a 2-pack featuring a Dump Truck and Cargo Truck. Each truck also comes with an educational flash card.

Every truck comes with interchangeable parts that fit together, creating a 3D puzzle. Each truck is designed for small hands, with enough wiggle room so kids with developing motor skills won't be frustrated.

These trucks are recommended for children 3 and up, right when fine motor skills are beginning to develop. Parts from one truck can be mixed and matched with parts from the other trucks. Luke's Toy Factory manufactures all of its toys in Connecticut, USA. Their toys are safe and meet or exceed all USA safety standards. Their goal is to balance eco-friendly with safety and sustainability while making toys that are affordable and fun.

These STEM educational toy trucks encourage early childhood development of problem-solving, creative play, and fine-motor skills in kids aged 3 and up.

Features of Luke's Toy Factory's 2-Pack Eco-truck:

  • Contains 1 Cargo Truck, 1 Dump Truck, Flash Cards
  • Parts are interchangeable
  • Simple 3D puzzles teaches problem-solving skills
  • Made with 30% recycled maple sawdust
  • No paint
  • No glue
  • Made in the USA
  • Box Dimensions: 9" l x 9" w x 3" h
  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Winner of Teachers' Choice Award (TCA)