Name Stools

Make your child stand out by making sure she owns one of these unique personalized wooden name stools. Made from fresh maple, these gorgeous personalized step stools are hand made to specification. You can add decorations and an engraved personal message to further personalize these unique, functional step stools.

name stool

Characteristics of the Wooden Name Stools:

  • Each stool is crafted just for you, so allow 2 - 4 weeks to ensure it is done correctly

  • The Regular size holds up to 8 letters, 1 name; measures 9" x 12" x 8" high

  • Long size holds up to 12 letters, 1 name; measures 9" x 16" x 8" high

  • Two Name size holds up to 10 letters, 2 names; measures 9" x 16" x 8" high

  • Extra Long holds up to 16 letters, 1 name, 9" x 20" x 8" high

  • XL Two Names holds up to 14 letters 2 names; measures 9" x 20" x 8" high

  • Order today with our secure pages, may take 2 - 4 weeks to handcraft and an additional week to deliver

  • This item can NOT be returned as it is customized to order

  • This item only shipped within continental US and Canada

  • For shipments to Canada, please contact us via email first to obtain a shipping quote. Otherwise orders will not be processed.

  • Unfortunately since these name stools are completely customized, they cannot be returned

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  1. classic name stool

    Classic Name Stool


    Regular Name Stool Learn More
  2. Flip Back Name Stool
  3. Two Step Name Stool

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Wooden Name Stools

These personalized step stools are another wonderful invention that can help your child know how to spell his or her name conveniently, even before starting schooling.

The Puzzle Name Stools come in different styles and sizes for your child of any age. You can have the stool personalized according to your specification so that your child can easily understand how to spell his or her name.

When you choose a wooden name stool, you can personalize it to reflect your child’s name. It is undoubtedly going to be fun for your child when he or she has the opportunity to gradually learn how to spell his or her name conveniently using this educational yet functional personalized step stool.

The feeling of satisfaction that your child will display when he finally unravels the mystery of how to spell his or her name. There are different types of wooden name letters will be priceless!

There are several designs of these heirloom quality wooden name stools. Some of them are:

  • Classic Name Stool: The Classic Name Stool is another beautiful wooden name stool specifically designed to teach your child how to write his or her name with a customized stool. This stool comes in different sizes. There is the regular size that can hold 8 letters, the long size with the capacity to hold 12 letters, two-name size that can hold 10 letters and two names, and the extra long size that can hold up to 16 letters and1 name. Finally, there is the XL Two Name. This giant stool can hold 14 letters and two names. The Classic Name Stool goes for $70.29.
  • Two-step Name Stool: This is a unique stool that is personalized for your child. The top step of the tool is made to flip to reveal a hidden storage place where your child can put his valuables. He or she can access the top by climbing the down step. Your child won’t forget this gift and will always cherish it. The stool comes in two sizes. There is the regular size that can hold up to 8 letters and a name. The long size can hold about 12 letters and a name too. You can make a choice from the two options and have it customized for you. Since the stool will be customized for you, you can’t return it. For as little as $90.24, you can give your child this awesome gift.
  • Flip Back Name Stool: The flip back stool is an upgrade of the regular stool. It is designed with a back that can flip so that the name stool can automatically be converted to a chair. You can place an order for this tool and have it handcrafted to meet your specification. Note that this particular chair can only be shipped within Canada and the continental US. Therefore, it is advisable that you contact the company via email before you place an order because you have to pay additional shipping charges. It costs $81.69 if you place an order within the US. This is a great tool that can help your child beyond measure in a short time. Your child will appreciate this gift.
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