3 Child Development Facts Many of Us Don’t Heed

3 Child Development Facts Many of Us Don’t Heed

3 Child Development Facts Many of Us Don’t Heed

Complex and mysterious, each child and their development stages are as different as chalk and cheese. It is actually so unique that many scientists devote a lifetime to studying and understanding it. If you have children then you might have seen how quickly your kids change and how one child differs from another in terms of development stages. Here are the top 3 not so obvious facts that we as parents completely miss -

#1 Babies move around in their own unpredictable ways

Your little one will eventually start walking when and how? nobody can predict. It might start with rolling over, sitting, crawling, cruising, and eventually walking. Or it might be crawling and then walking or some other sequence. Some babies just start walking, skipping the other stages altogether. It doesn’t matter what stage your baby skips as long as your cutie pie is developing within age-appropriate guidelines. But, they may need some push in doing so. Gift your child pull-along wooden toys for kids to help develop their fine motor skills.

#2 Your little one has quite a few tricks up their sleeves

Sleep, eat, poop, cry…a seemingly endless cycle … but, it’s not the only thing babies do. You’d be surprised to know that infants can do much more than just lying around all day. Your baby can lift her head from your chest by 2 or 3 weeks of age. Want to know more – try putting your finger in her mouth and she’ll suck on it, stroke her cheek and she’ll turn to that direction, stick your tongue out, and if your baby is in the right mood, she’d do the same to you.

#3 You can boost your lil one’s brain development

Give them their independent playtime with educational toys for kids, talk to your baby to give them verbal stimulation, let them explore, and have siblings, relatives, and other people pay attention to them. And, don’t feel guilty while you are chattering away on your phone. With the right toy, your little one can stimulate her senses and enjoy her time alone while learning and honing their motor skills.

David R.

Jul 11 2018
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