1. Importance of Toys in Childhood Development

    Parents constantly think of their child’s interest and health. Children’s welfare and development not only depend on their parents’ love, but also several other things. The most important one of which is playing. Playing is serious business for babies and toddlers in the early stages of their development. This is something to be encouraged, and your children should have enough time to play and explore.
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  2. Plastic vs Wooden Toys

    Why are wooden toys better than plastic? Well, let’s see….Toxins:Why is anything better than plastic?!? Plastic is man-made and comparatively, a recent invention at that. There have been long term studies on why plastic can be harmful to humans. For example, did you know that plastic contains toxins? These toxins can get into the food chain. Here is an example: “As Styrofoam breaks into smaller parts, polystyrene components in it sink lower in the ocean, so that the pollutant spreads throughout the sea column.
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