Before we can answer that question, one needs to define what a learning disorder is? There is no one generic learning disorder, and many parents would be well aware of the specific one that may affect their kid. Specific conditions include Dyslexia, ADHD, and Dysgraphia; I will discuss these in more detail in other blogs.

Learning disorders specifically can result from a neurodevelopmental condition. As a teacher or parent, they are most noticeable when your child is struggling in class with subjects like math, reading, and writing. They may also be restless, distracted, and have trouble paying attention. If your child doesn’t grow out of it or it becomes a long-term issue, then he or she has a learning disorder.

Educational toys are a great option in helping your child’s overall development; their greatest strengths are that they can teach your young one how to not only problem solve but also allow your child to develop their creative and imaginary skills.

Let’s look at the educational toys available at that focuses on math, reading, and writing skills:

Visually, this educational toy is striking with 4 vibrant colors and standout letters. In this way, your child will learn to pick out letters to make words and stamp them with the color of their choice. The fact that the set also includes capital letters and punctuation gives them the opportunity to develop phrases and full sentences. This a great way for your kid to make personalized birthday and Christmas cards.

Alphabet Stamp Set Toy

Alphabet Stamp Set

I can Spell Alphabet Toy
I Can Spell Alphabet Toy


This toy is a terrific aid for children who have difficulty reading; through the combination of word cards and stand-up letters, they can construct words that are more likely to be retentive as they are quite visual. We can see this in the impressive range of shapes and colors on offer.


The perfect educational toy for those children who struggle with counting or basic arithmetic. The ability to show counting in sequence and recognize the shapes of numbers will help a child learn at a much quicker rate. This is a good way to practice what they have learned at school, whilst still fresh in their memory.

Math Skill Solving Puzzle Montessori Toy

Math Skills Number Puzzle


Spellmaster learning center toy

Spell Master Learning Center

This is the complete spelling package; its contents include a spelling tray, chalkboard, tiles with the individual letters plus the all-important spelling picture word cards. Used in conjunction with literacy practice at school is a perfect way to overcome spelling and reading difficulties


Listed above, all available at, are just a small sample of what kinds of educational toys are available. Depending on your child’s learning disorder, there is an educational aid that can help alleviate your child’s frustration and anguish.

The process is long and difficult, but early parental intervention can put your child on the road to coping both at school and outside. This is a win-win for all the family!