How can Educational Toys Help Children with Conduct Disorder

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Conduct disorder or CD is very much like many other childhood mental issues. It is epitomized by the way a child reacts towards rules set at home and at school. It often results in aggression towards peers and those who may challenge their behavior.

Often children with CD will push boundaries to the limit which can result in not only self-injury but also breaking the law. As a parent, this can be intensely worrying, as things like running away or performing trivial criminal acts are not uncommon.

However, children with CD exhibit cruelty, from early pushing, hitting, and biting to, later, more than normal teasing and bullying, hurting animals, picking fights, theft, vandalism, and arson.

As a parent, it is important to stop things escalating to that degree and there are things one can do. The number one thing agreed upon by experts is that treatment needs to be started as soon as symptoms appear. Although difficulties in learning at school can be a contributing factor, it is important that the relationship between the child, parents, and family is strong and positive. For school-age children and teens, an often-used effective treatment is a combination of training and therapy that includes the child, the family, and the school.

So how do we promote or improve the relationship between a CD kid and their parents?

A great way to do this is to introduce educational toys into their life; here at, we have a number of toys that could fit this purpose. Here are two to choose from:


Family Doll House

If your CD child is female then this is a great way to get close as a parent. As the toy is four stories high, it is big enough for both of you to enjoy time together. Such a toy will also provide a chance for your child to use their imagination and create a world where they can be positive and non-aggressive.

Heirloom Quality Wooden Family Dollhouse

Portable Play Sand Toy

Portable Play Sand Play

This toy is a great way for both a parent and child to share in a caring and fun play environment. The ability to play where there are no rules or regulations will appease any inclination to react violently. This is a great rehabilitative type of toy, which will go a long way to helping his or her CD disorder.


In addition to utilizing the above educational toys, parents and caregivers can start creating bonds early on with positive parent-child connections. These bounds can be made by playing with them or reading bedtime stories to them.

Children suffering from conduct disorder also suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. To boost their confidence, it is important to raise their sense of self-worth. One way to do that early on is by gifting them with personalized toys and personalized items that are specific to their likes and dislikes. Some great ideas are:

Personalized Step Stools

Step stools that are personalized to a child's name are great gifts to instill a sense of self-worth and importance at a young age. These personalized stools are customized, and the name of the child is puzzled into the seat. Toddlers can learn how to spell their own name at an early age by taking out the letters of the alphabet that make their names and putting them back in their proper place thereby spelling their own name. This also helps young toddlers with their motor skills and shape recognition as well as learning the letters of the alphabet. You can even add a theme such as sports, princess, train, or flower to the puzzled name stools and make this functional piece of furniture into a fun toy.

As mentioned above, for children with conduct disorder or any other psychological conditions, storytime can be made into a very special occasion. This is the time that a parent can bond with their young child by reading to them. To that end, also carries an extensive line of personalized storybooks for toddlers and young children that not only helps with the parent-child bonding but also strengthens values and instills character in young minds. The fact that these stories are personalized to the child’s name, means that a child is thought at a young age that they can be the hero or heroines of their own story. Since these books are made in the USA, they are of high-quality material and last many a reading

Yes, it will be a rocky road and parents will need to have a lot of positive things and weapons at their disposal to successfully help their children with conduct disorder, but whilst educational toys aren’t expensive, they can fulfill a valuable role in a child’s physical, emotional and mental development. These kinds of toys are great because they often don’t have a finite shelf life and are useful for years to come. That means that they can also be passed down from generation to generation and not get outdated.