How do you make your toddler busy? Nowadays, technology has taken over our lives and technological gadgets surround our new generation of kids. This has led to increased screen time for toddlers, which makes parents feel extremely guilty about it. If you are struggling to keep your toddler entertained, here is a list of the 10 best activities to keep your toddler busy using no screens at all.

  1. Sensory Play

Sensory play includes activities that stimulate the senses of your child. Interacting with real items, such as sensory bins or sensory tables, can encourage the development of your toddler’s senses. In addition, parents can add some natural sensory materials such as sand, rice, water, and beans. Toddlers love to pour and scoop different objects on a sensory table, and it keeps them busy as well. Parents can also put some toys on the water table and offer some cleaning items such as an old toothbrush and ask their toddlers to clean their toys. Sensory Play also helps to build toddlers’ fine motor skills while they are busy playing.

  1. Matching Games

The options are endless because you can match all sorts of stuff. You can ask your little one to match pairs of socks while helping you do laundry. You can also ask them to match stuffed animals with pictures of animals. Additionally, you can use two sets of flashcards and ask your kids to match the cards. Children love this activity, and they can spend hours doing it. The best part of this activity is that it helps build memory in addition to fostering general cognitive skills. This stimulates the brain function of toddlers and improves their visual recognition.

  1. Bubbles

Every little kid loves to make bubbles and then pop them. There is so much that a child can do while playing with bubbles. You and your toddler can spend some time while making your bubble mixture at home. All you need is some dishwashing detergent and water. This makes playing with bubbles even more entertaining. When your toddler makes bubbles, show them the rainbow colors that it reflects, and they will be delighted. Playing with bubbles helps with hand-eye coordination and aids in boosting the gross motor skills of toddlers. Bubble play activities are a wonderful way to engage your toddler.

Blowing Bubbles
  1. Feeding Ducks

You can do a fun outdoor activity with your toddler by feeding ducks, as toddlers are usually fascinated by nature and animals. Take your little one for a walk to your nearest local pond and ask them to feed the ducks. Toddlers love to watch ducks splash water in ponds. While you are at it, teach your toddler how to count by asking them the number of ducks in a pond. You can also ask your toddler to listen to the sounds that ducks make.


Feeding ducks
  1. Painting

You can entertain your toddler by ditching the traditional painting technique and by trying this mess-free painting with them. You can get a ziplock bag and fill it with different blobs of paint and after sealing it, tape it to a window. Toddlers can move the paint around inside the bag and their hands will not get dirty. To make painting more appealing for your little one, you and your toddler can also collect some pebbles from a garden and then paint them together. This way, toddlers can spend their time being creative. 

  1. Science Experiments

One of the best ways that toddlers can be kept busy is by doing some science experiments with them. This is not only a fun activity, but toddlers learn a lot as well. You can make rain clouds in a jar or even show them how a volcanic eruption works. You can also perform the melting ice and salt experiment. These science experiments usually amaze kids, and they have a blast exploring the world of science. 

  1. Baking

Parents can involve their toddlers in the kitchen to keep them busy. Parents can ask their toddlers to assist them in stirring and scooping batter while they bake cookies or brownies. Using culinary abilities can be a source of great joy for toddlers. Parents can also ask their toddlers to decorate cookies. Toddlers can use different icings and sprinkles and show you their creative skills.

  1. Busy Board

You can customize a busy board for your toddlers to keep them entertained. Toddlers are attracted to busy boards because they don’t comprise children’s toys. Instead, busy boards are made up of everyday items. Some popular items that you can add to your busy board are colored zippers, light switches, doorknobs, and steering wheels. It helps to establish a connection between learning and play. Busy boards are great fidget tools that help kids focus and unwind in a fun, hands-on way. Playing with busy boards is a fully immersive interactive experience for toddlers and keeps them busy.

Busy Board
  1. Puzzles

Puzzles are a fun way for toddlers to develop and refine their cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. You can introduce your toddler to different puzzles such as chunky puzzles, peg puzzles, name puzzle or even floor puzzles. Puzzles are challenging for toddlers, so it keeps them busy for a while. It also gives them a sense of achievement once they complete a puzzle. A name puzzle has the added advantage of teaching kids how to spell their own name.

  1. Puppet Play
Playing with puppets

Another creative activity to keep toddlers busy is puppet play. You can start this by making your own puppets along with your toddler. You can also ask your toddler to help you decorate the puppets. Puppet play aids in the social and emotional development of young children. Toddlers are drawn to puppet play and they enjoy the activity, as they can use their imagination.  



Studies have shown that children engage in an activity for a longer period if parents are also involved. Hence, these activities provide a great opportunity for you and your toddler to spend some time together. Try out the above 10 fantastic ways to keep your toddler entertained at home. Hope you enjoy performing these educational and fun activities with your little ones.