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Guidecraft Grippies® Shakers – 20 Piece Set

Guidecraft Grippies® Shakers – 20 Piece Set

Guidecraft Grippies® Waves – 20 pc. Set

Guidecraft Grippies® Waves – 20 pc. Set


Guidecraft Grippies® Shakers – 30 Piece STEM Construction Set

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Grippies Shakers is an award-winning toddler STEM platform that brings kinetic energy and sound exploration to young builders. The set includes two-sized, magnetic rods with clear ABS plastic windows and secure magnetic ends, along with overmolded metal ball connectors to create a uniquely soothing acoustic building experience. Toddlers can watch and listen as the sensory beads rattle their way down the magnetic rods through the clear windows.

The Grippies Shakers building sets are perfect for toddlers to exercise their auditory, fine and gross motor, and engineering skills. By connecting the magnetic rods to each other or combining them with the overmolded metal ball connectors, young builders can create a range of structures and designs. The soft, overmolded plastic promotes tactile exploration and provides a comfortable grip for little hands to hold.

With Grippies Shakers, toddlers can discover magnetic principles, cause and effect, and kinetic energy. They can observe how the sensory beads traverse the internal maze of each rod, and explore the relationship between the magnetic force and the movement of the beads. This set promotes fine motor skills as children manipulate the magnetic rods and connectors, and gross motor skills as they engage in building and construction activities.

Available in 20 or 30 piece sets, Grippies Shakers is designed for children aged 18 months and up. The set provides a unique sensory experience that stimulates young minds and promotes early STEM learning. By exploring sound, movement, and magnetic principles through hands-on building activities, children develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

To care for Grippies, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soap and allow to air dry completely before continued use. To prevent damage, do not completely submerge in water or put any Grippies pieces in a dishwasher or washing machine unit. The durable ABS plastic and overmolded metal ball connectors ensure that the Grippies Shakers can withstand the wear and tear of toddler play.

In addition to the benefits for young children, Grippies Shakers is also a great resource for educators and caregivers. The set is aligned with STEM learning standards and can be used to introduce young children to basic engineering concepts, such as structures, stability, and cause and effect. The Grippies Shakers also support social-emotional development by providing a collaborative building experience that encourages communication, cooperation, and problem-solving.

Grippies Shakers is a unique auditory STEM building set that provides a range of benefits for young children. By stimulating their senses, promoting motor skills, and introducing them to STEM concepts, Grippies Shakers encourages children to explore the world around them and develop a lifelong love of learning. The set is durable, easy to care for, and a valuable resource for educators and caregivers who are committed to providing quality early childhood education.

Features Of  Grippies® Shakers – 30 Piece Set

  • Grippies Shakers - an auditory STEM building set for toddlers
  • Includes two sizes of ABS plastic rods with clear windows, secure magnetic ends and overmolded metal ball connectors
  • Listen to and see sensory beads traverse the internal maze of each rod
  • Soft, overmolded plastic promotes tactile exploration
  • Discovery of magnetic principles, cause and effect and kinetic energy
  • Promotes fine motor, gross motor and observation skills
  • Available in 20 or 30 piece sets
  • Age 18 months+

Specifications Of Grippies® Shakers – 30 Piece Set

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