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Unlock your child's potential with Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes, an innovative set of six wooden lock boxes designed to reinforce fine motor skills while helping children learn about color, shape, and spatial relationships. Recommended for children aged 2+, this interactive toy set promotes cognitive development and strengthens problem-solving and fine-motor skills.

This unique puzzle set includes six differently-colored boxes each with a matching shape sorting piece. Your child can sort the chunky geometric shapes into their appropriately colored boxes while viewing them through the transparent colored acrylic windows. They can then unlock the doors of each box to retrieve their shapes.

Each box features a different type of lock, including latches and bolts that are color coordinated according to the boxes' colors. The pieces are easy-to-grasp for your little one's hands- perfect for developing finger dexterity!

Designed with convenience in mind, all six Peekaboo Lock Boxes fit into a handy storage tray that easily helps keep things organized after use.
Each lockbox measures 15.75″L x 10.7″W x 4.5″H which is compact enough for storage but large enough for hours of endless playtime.

Constructed from high-quality plywood material featuring brass and metal hardware locks, this innovative puzzle set guarantees durability over time- you're sure to get value-for-money that lasts long beyond its initial purchase date!

Peekaboo Lock Boxes offer more than just entertainment purposes; it provides an excellent opportunity to develop key developmental skills in areas such as problem-solving while reinforcing fine motor skills in children as young as two years old! 

Invest in your child's growth today by getting them the fun yet educational Peekaboo Lock Boxes- An excellent gift choice or purchase decision if you're looking for interactive toys that promote immense value-add beyond mere entertainment!

Features of Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes 

  • Wooden lock boxes to reinforce fine motor skills
  • Set includes 12 pieces and a storage tray
  • Six unique locks on color coordinated boxes, with matching sorting pieces
  • Match the chunky geometric shapes to the cutouts on each box
  • Transparent colored windows to view what’s inside
  • Material: Plywood boxes, shape sorting pieces, brass and metal hardware and colored acrylic windows
  • Educational Focus: Strengthens problem-solving, fine-motor skills and develops finger dexterity
  • Suggested Age: 2+

Specifications of Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes 

  • AGE:  2+
  • Size: 10.75 x 15.75 x 4.5