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Guidecraft PowerClix® Solids 70 Piece Set

PowerClix® Solids 70 Piece Set

Guidecraft Grippies Builders 20 Piece Set

Guide Craft Grippies® Builders – 20 pc. Set


PowerClix® Solids 94 Piece Set

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Made In : toy made in China
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Guidecraft PowerClix 94 Piece Set is an open-ended magnetic construction toy set that features colorful, solid translucent plastics and geometric shapes which allow for unlimited creativity and exploration. With an easy click and connect system, children can construct both 2D and 3D forms by breaking down the structures to simple solid geometric shapes. The set includes six unique shapes and 94 pieces, along with a Creativity Guide to fuel inspiration. PowerClix® magnetic building toys encourage children to think like engineers while having fun, making them an ideal STEM toy for children aged 3 and up.

These magnetic building toys are designed to integrate seamlessly with all other PowerClix® System sets, and their magnets never repel, which makes it easy to create both 2D and 3D models. They are made of translucent ABS plastic with neodymium magnets, ensuring durability and longevity. In addition to inspiring open-ended creativity and exploration, PowerClix® Solids also encourages children to explore solid geometry, and gain a better understanding of mass and volume, making them a perfect educational tool for STEM applications.

Features Of Guidecraft PowerClix 94 Piece Set

  • An open-ended magnetic construction toy with an easy click ‘n connect system
  • Available in a variety of piece counts, each including a Creativity Guide to fuel inspiration
  • Six unique shapes create unlimited building possibilities
  • Magnets never repel, so creating 2D or 3D models is easy
  • Designed to integrate with all other PowerClix® System sets
  • Material: Translucent ABS plastic with neodymium magnets
  • Educational Focus: Exploring solid geometry, understanding mass and volume with STEM applications
  • Suggested Age: 3+

Specifications Of PowerClix® Solids 94 Piece Set