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Meet the STEM Cargo Truck by Luke’s Toy Factory. This isn’t just a toy, it’s a learning journey. Little explorers will have endless fun while boosting their developmental skills. Dive in to discover all the cool things this truck offers!

1. Three Boxes of Fun:

Our cargo truck comes with three boxes that are perfect for storing all kinds of treasures. These boxes add an extra element of excitement and playfulness to the truck, making it even more engaging for kids.

2. Interactive Puzzle:

Here’s the fun part! The STEM Cargo Truck is a 9-piece puzzle that comes to life. Kids piece it together and voila, they have a working cargo truck. This hands-on activity sharpens problem-solving and nurtures brain growth. It’s fun meets learning!

3. Stackable Cargo Boxes:

Kids can stack the cargo boxes high and tall. Building and toppling towers helps them get creative and sharpens hand-eye coordination. It’s play that helps them grow!

4. Safe and Eco-Friendly Materials:

Luke’s Toy Factory takes safety seriously. Our cargo truck is made from a blend of 30% sawdust and 70% safe, certified, clean plastic. We prioritize the well-being of children and the environment.
Like all our toys, the cargo truck contains NO paint or glue. It is waterproof and sink washable, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.

5. Educational and Imaginative Play:

This STEM educational toy truck promotes early childhood development by encouraging problem-solving, creative play, and fine-motor skills in children aged 3 and up.
The cargo truck is part of a collection of interchangeable parts, allowing kids to mix and match with other Luke’s Toy Factory trucks, expanding their imaginative play possibilities.

6. Made in the USA and Certified:

We take pride in creating our toys in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and craftsmanship.
The cargo truck is safety tested and certified for children aged 3 and above, giving parents peace of mind.

7. Perfect Dimensions:

With dimensions of 6.5 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 4 inches in height, this cargo truck is the perfect size for little hands to grasp and explore.

Experience the joy of learning and endless adventures with Luke’s Toy Factory’s STEM Cargo Truck. Give your child the gift of imagination and exploration today!

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