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Lovingly made of Maple, the name train is ideal as a personalized gift to anyone, young or old. These trains come complete with the magnetic coupling, optional tracks, engine and caboose and can be used either as display set or as part of a larger train track. We carry all the letters in stock and will ship the Name Trains within 2 business days of your order. carries the personalized name train in 3 different variety. Primary color alphabet where each letter comes in 6 different colors: blue, red, yellow, green, orange, and purple. Pastel name trains where letter colors are in pastel, and clear finished name trains where the finish allows the beauty of the wood to show through.



Characteristics of the Wooden Name Trains with Magnetic Coupling:

  • Name Trains are made of  New England rock maple.

  • Letters of the Name Trains are about 2 1/2" high, other cars are about 2" high

  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

  • The Name Train comes with magnetic coupling

  • Painted with non-toxic paint and finish

  • Compatible with all other wooden track sets

  • Name Trains are connected to each other with simple and safe magnets

  • You can spell any name with the Name Train.

  • You can get the Name Train with optional Caboose, Engine and enough track for the spelling of the name

  • We offer a choice of 7 engines and 5 cabooses for your name train. Allowing you to personalize your name train even further! 

  • The name train is a valuable tool to teach your children the spelling of their own name. You can also purchase the complete alphabet set to teach your children the spelling of virtually any word

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Personalized name train toys. Perfect for newborns and baby room as a decor. Even a better toy for toddlers when they grow! Inspire confidence in your child. Teach them how to spell their names with the help of the perfect personalized toy!

Safe, educational, unique, and adorable baby gift. Personalized name trains are the perfect toy to gift to a newborn. Perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday for the toddler.

We guarantee the quality and the price. We even provide a hassle-free return for up to 60 days of the purchase. That means, we even pay for the return shipping (in the USA) if you do not like the toy!! Oh, and did we mention? We offer FREE SHIPPING to the USA on all our products and gifts, including the personalized name train toy!

This is an alphabet name train. Name trains are individually lettered wooden train carts that are connected to each other via powerful magnets. 

Alphabet Name Trains - Maple Landmark 

Name Trains are exceptional toys that help your child learn his/her letters. Research has proven that learning early will provide an advantage in your child’s development.

Children are interested in learning to read and write from an early age. Alphabet name trains will enable your child to learn how to spell. Children, in particular, are very interested in learning how to spell their own names. Therefore, toys that enable children to spell their own names such as these safe an educational alphabet letter trains, empower your child, and builds his/her confidence.


Made in 



These name trains are made in the United States from New England Rock Maple.




Alphabet Trains Quality tested to ensure they are safe for children. The paint and lacquer are from non-toxic materials. They come in primary or pastel colors.



Name trains come in primary colors, clear finish, or pastel colors.  Primary colored name trains come in 6 different colors: blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and purple. If you prefer, you can purchase the clear finished name trains which allow the beauty of the wood to show through




Each individual name train measures approximately 2" to 2-1/2" high, and from 2-3/8" to 2-5/8" long. The alphabet letter cars, engine, and caboose can be connected together through powerful magnets that are attached to the cars. In this way, your child can learn to connect the correct letters and spell his/her own name. The letter trains fit our train tracks as well as the wood track of Brio® and Thomas the Tank® and many other companies. Our tracks are each 8 inches long and fit 3 letter trains. When purchasing the name trains please remember to consider the engine and caboose as well and order the number of tracks you need accordingly.

Name trains are backed by a FULL MANUFACTURER WARRANTY against manufacturing defects. That means we will repair/replace broken parts or parts that aren't functioning as intended. However, in order for that to happen, the item must be returned to us.





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