Wooden vs Plastic Toys

Wooden vs Plastic Toys

Why are wooden toys better than plastic?

Why are wooden toys better than plastic? Well, let’s see….


Why is anything better than plastic?!? Plastic is man-made and comparatively, a recent invention at that. There have been long term studies on why plastic can be harmful to humans. For example, did you know that plastic contains toxins? These toxins can get into the food chain. Here is an example: “As Styrofoam breaks into smaller parts, polystyrene components in it sink lower in the ocean, so that the pollutant spreads throughout the sea column.

In fact, not only do the toxins in plastic affect the ocean but acting like sponges, they soak up other toxins from outside sources before entering the ocean. As these chemicals are ingested by animals in the ocean, this is not good for humans. We as humans ingest contaminated fish and mammals.”[1]

Let’s also look at what plastics are made of. Plastics are made of chemical polymers. That is chains of the same molecule, consisting of Carbon and Hydrogen, bonded together. So far, so good, no? In fact, the bark of the rubber tree is a plastic, called, you guessed it, rubber.

However, plastic that is used for toys usually contains other minerals such as cadmium, lead, and even mercury. Imagine that!

Here are some facts:

A study of the amount of BPA in the human body, conducted by the US CDC, found that 93% of the people over age 6 had some BPA in their urine sample! 93%!!![2]

What is BPA? BPA or Bisphenol A is used in all sorts of plastic. From dinnerware to toys and it is an endocrine disruptor. That is it hiders the functions of endocrine in the human body. What does endocrine do in the human body? Not much… except that it is the system in your body that regulates metabolism, growth, sexual functions, tissue function, sleep, mood, etc.!

Oh yeah, scientists also believe that the plastic in the urine I told you about, is the main cause of prostate cancer.

Another thing, BPA is also found in the breast milk of most women in developed countries.

And in case you may be fooled by labels on plastic containers and toys telling you that the item is BPA-Free, doesn’t mean that the item is harmless. In fact, it may contain replacement materials just as harmful or even BPA-like molecules that are just named differently.

In case you needed another reason why wooden toys are better than plastic, take at the following products. Just compare the quality and workmanship to any plastic toy out there.

These are wooden toys made in the USA.


Alphabet Name Trains - Maple Landmark


Personalized Step Stools



May 30 2019
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