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Wow! Our Shape Sorting Cube is an amazing Montessori toy. It teaches so many unique skills to babies and toddlers that we lost count!

It is huge! Giant! When we designed and developed this toy, we thought of everything!

We made this sorting cube out of solid hardwood with solid maple shapes to sort. We made sure that there are different combinations to sort using this wooden shape sorter. In fact, we have 4 different sorting combinations from simple to complex with this shape sorter toy. We included large openings on each side of this baby shape sorter for easy access and retrieval of shapes. And yes, in case you are worried about the quality, we constructed this toy from solid maple, making this sorting cube virtually indestructible.

Shape Sorting Cube Features

  • Refines grasping and fitting skills.

  • Improves visual discrimination skills.

  • Develops eye-hand coordination.

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