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Name Train Wall Mount with Brackets for 6 Cars

NameTrain Wall Mount for 6 Cars

Natural Flip Back Name Puzzle Stool

Flip Back Name Puzzle Stool


Classic Personalized Baby Name Stool

976 total units currently In Stock
Made In : toy made in United States
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Maximum image width: 800 px.

Maximum image height: 1200 px.

Maximum 16 characters

Maximum 120 characters

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Discover the Perfect Gift for You

Welcome to the world of the Personalized Baby Name Stool! It's a wonderful gift for kids of all ages. This special stool has a classic look and your very own name on it. It's like having a treasure that you'll love forever.

Learning Can Be Fun!

This stool is not just for sitting—it's also a cool way to learn. You can learn how to spell your name in a super fun way. Imagine your name turning into a puzzle that you put together!

Handcrafted with Love

We make each Personalized Baby Name Puzzle Stool carefully, just for you. We use strong wood called maple, and we make it in the USA. This means it's not just beautiful, it's good for our planet too!

Your Stool, Your Way

Our crafty team makes each stool special. You get to choose what you like. But remember, good things take time. It might take around 6-8 weeks to make your stool perfectly awesome.

Safe and Smooth

Your safety is really important to us. We make sure each stool is smooth and safe to use. We use a special coating that won't harm you—it's like a superhero shield for your stool!

Just the Right Size for You

We know everyone is unique, and so are our stools! We have different sizes to fit you. Some can have long names, and some can have two names. But they're all about 8 inches tall!

Ordering is Easy

If you want your own special stool, ordering is as easy as pie! Just go to our website and tell us what you want. But remember, making special things takes a little time, so be patient!

We Promise to Deliver

We promise to bring your stool to your door. But remember, our crafters are like wizards, and magic takes time. So, give us an extra week to make sure your stool is perfect for you!

A Gift that Lasts Forever

Your Personalized Baby Name Stool is more than a gift. It's like a memory you keep forever. Whether it's your birthday or any special day, this stool will always remind you of the fun you had!

Get Your Special Stool Now

Why wait? You can order your very own Personalized Baby Name Stool today. Imagine having a stool with your name on it—how cool is that? Let's make memories together!

Personalized Baby Name Stool Specifications:

  • We craft each stool just for you, so allow 6-8 weeks to ensure it is done correctly
  • The Regular size holds up to 8 letters, 1 name; measures 9" x 12" x 8" high
  • Long size holds up to 12 letters, 1 name; measures 9" x 16" x 8" high
  • Two Name size holds up to 10 letters, 2 names; measures 9" x 16" x 8" high
  • Extra Long holds up to 16 letters, 1 name, 9" x 20" x 8" high
  • XL Two Names holds up to 14 letters 2 names; measures 9" x 20" x 8" high
  • Order today with our secure pages may take 4-6 weeks to handcraft and an additional week to deliver
  • This item can NOT be returned as it is customized to order
  • We only only ship this personalized toddler stool to continental US and Canada
  • For shipments to Canada, please contact us via email first to obtain a shipping quote. Otherwise, we are unable to process the order.