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2 step name puzzle

2 Step Personalized Name Stool with Handle

A personalized step stool for kids with 2 names puzzled into the seat in colorful letter blocks. The two names puzzled in this custom-made step stool are Scott and Alexander in 2 separate lines.

Two Name Personalized Kids Step Stool


Heirloom Name Puzzle Stool

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Introducing the Personalized Name Puzzle Stool - a product that combines practicality with learning and independence. Made in the USA from sustainable solid-wood material, it’s an ideal addition to any child's playroom or bedroom.

Its unique personalization feature makes this stool stand out in its own right. Each letter of your child's name is brightly colored with non-toxic paint, making it visually appealing to children of all ages. The smooth, easy-to-fit edges on each puzzle piece guarantees safety for little ones when playing or sitting on the stool.

The Personalized Name Puzzle Stool has been designed to help children learn how to spell their name and improve their cognitive skills. By spelling their name using bright colors, they can learn each letter and associate it with its sound. This activity promotes hand-eye coordination, color recognition,gross & fine motor skill development amongst others as they position/fit each piece into place; ultimately providing an interactive experience that ensures fun whilst learning!

As your little one learns more about spelling and letter recognition,you can add new words other than their names for them to solve .This allows them room for expansion around literacy which is key towards laying a strong foundation before school age kicks in.

Benefits and Size of the Customized Name Puzzle Stool: 

The stool measures 8 x 13-15 3/4 x 8 inches high - accommodating names from one up to eleven letters long! It comes available in primary,jewel (as shown),or pastel colors giving a wider range of options depending on preference.

It also offers flexibility when it comes down to space management considerations ; parents can opt for these small sized stools while children are young.

Each letter has dimensions measuring at least 3½ inches tall for upper-case letters and at least 2½ inches tall for lower-case letters,making sure that they are not too small during playtime.The single name or double names totaling up to 7 letters can be accommodated without a space between names. Every stool is made-to-order, which means that it will be unique and personalized just for your child.

Another great feature of the Personalized Name Puzzle Stool is its heirloom quality. It's not only an interactive toy but also furniture that can grow with your child from one developmental stage to another. Its sturdy construction and durable materials guarantee long-lasting usage over time thus promoting sustainability as well .It’s truly an investment piece that can be passed down within families as a treasured keepsake .

The Personalized Name Puzzle Stool has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers who are happy with their purchase . One customer shared "I bought this stool for my grandson; it's perfect! He loves sitting on it while putting his name puzzle together -it makes him feel so independent!" This highlights how effective the product has been in promoting independence amongst children whilst still ensuring practicality.

Aside from being visually appealing, functional, interactive and sustainable ,this product scores well on affordability too!This affords parents an opportunity to indulge in value-adding purchases whilst staying within budget limits.

Why buy this custom stool?

The customized name stool is safe for children,great value for money,functional & aesthetically pleasing ; all qualities parents look out for when purchasing items that add value beyond just entertainment value.The Personalized Name Puzzle Stool checks all these boxes - making it a worthwhile consideration whether you’re getting this piece for yourself or gifting someone special in your life . With free shipping offered within the continental US,the product delivers convenience as well .

Features of the Heirloom Name Puzzle Stool:

  • Available in primary, jewel, or pastel colors (shown in Jewel)
  • Stool measures 8 x 13-15 3/4 x 8 in high to fit names from 1 to 11 letters.
  • Stool size varies according to the number of letters in the name.
  • Letters are 3 1/2 inches for the upper case and 2 1/2 inches for the lower case. A single name or two names totaling up to 7 letters example MaryAnn can not be done with a space between names.
  • Made in the US
  • Built from sustainable solid-wood material
  • Ships FREE!

Personalization Attributes:

  • Your can personaliz the stool with the name of the child
  • The colors of the name to be puzzled could be personalized in Jewel, Patel, or Primary colors
  • You can add a personal message to be engraved in the back of the stool


NOTE: We cannot ship this outside the USA