TAG Toys Montessori Stacking Rings Toy

TAG Toys Montessori Stacking Ring


TAG Toys Montessori Wooden Stacking Toy

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This classic Wooden Stacking Toy with safe rounded corners and brightly colored bases can be used to stack, nest, and arrange in sequence in 6 different ways. Large size boxes are easy for the child to grasp and manipulate.

Stacking Toys are true Montessori toys that teach several skills to young children. They are a must at any Montessori environment.

Your child will use his problem-solving skills to arrange the colorful boxes from largest to smallest. She will stack the boxes to create a stacking tower. This helps her to associate color of the box to size and over time differentiate size and fitting.

Wooden Stacking Toy Benefits

  • Teaches size and color discrimination.

  • Develops fine motor coordination.

  • Exercises grasping, fitting, and stacking skills.

  • Introduces the logic of sequencing by size and color.

  • Develops concentration and coordination

  • Recommended Age: 6 months and up