Baby Room & Nursery Decor

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Baby Room and Nursery Decor

Babies are our pride and joy. We love to make them smile and expose their cute toothless gum! Personalizing their nursery before they are even born and giving character to the baby room, is one of the most exciting chores of the expectant parent.

Your babies will spend a lot of time in their nursery.  It is important to liven up the mood of their room with amazing nursery décor. Not to mention, decorating a baby room from scratch is FUN!

Decorating a baby room should be a priority to expectant parents. Researchers have found that providing a baby with a vibrant, colorful, and exciting environment helps a great deal in the early development of the child.

At, we provide fantastic personalized nursery décor, enough to brighten up the mood of the baby and anyone that walks into the room at discounted prices you can find no where else!

Variety of Nursery Room Decor

We have a variety of nursery decors that are suitable for your baby's room

Early in their lives, babies should build up their confidence. So, you should make the baby room décor all about the baby. Having and plastering their name all over the wall, not only teaches them their importance in your life, but also builds confidence early on. Use our ‘Hang a name’ décor to spell your babies name in a colorful way and hang it from the nursery wall. This décor can also be used to create different words and phrases you wish to be on the walls of the nursery.

We also have beautiful ‘coat racks’ that can be personalized. These personalized coat racks have colorful pegs and look cute in any baby room or nursery.

Expect to read a lot of stories to your baby.  Enhanced baby room decor like the ‘Heirloom biplane bookend' and the ‘Firetruck bookend' are well crafted not just to beautify the nursery, but also a safe place to keep the story books.

As your baby grows up and begins forming words, our ‘Name puzzle board’ with its brightly colored letters can be fun and educational. You can teach babies color-coordination, hand-eye coordination and how to spell their own names with our ‘Interlocking name puzzle board.’

Lest we forget to mention, the ‘Name train' is for the discerning parent who would like to teach their babies early on how to spell their names.

Oh yeah, we also carry personalized step stools and rocking chairs for when the baby grows to be a toddler and need the extra help to reach those unreachable places, like the ‘Cookie jar!’

Safety is Important

In our pursuit to provide the best items for your child’s baby room, and ensuring they have the best nursery decor, Alphabet-Trains has not lost sight of safety concerns.  

From the children's rocking chair to the coat rack, to the 'bookend,' and the many other decors we have, we do our best to examine those materials diligently as possible, so as not to put your baby in harm's way.

The painting on all these decors is non-toxic and does not put your baby at risk of ‘toxic paint' related sickness.

Please remember to affix wall hangings and wall mounts securely to the wall.  This will prevent accidental fall-related accidents.

We hope that using our personalized baby room and nursery décor to decorate your nursery brings as much joy and satisfaction to you as it did us in picking them to showcase.


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