One of the most disturbing trends that we have all seen over the last decade or more is the increasing number of kids who suffer from anxiety. Of more concern is the fact that it is affecting children from a very young age.

When kids shouldn’t have a worry in the world, instead many are battling a number of fears that they don’t grow out of. These include phobias like fear of animals, fear of places, and separation anxiety from family and friends. As a parent, we all try to ensure that it doesn’t affect their school life or social time with friends.

The best way to help kids with anxiety issues is to try and get them focused on other things that will promote positivity and enjoyment. Let’s look at some educational toys on offer from that will help achieve this.

Name Train Town Wooden Train Set  wooden train town set


This is the complete package, with a child having the ability to create different scenarios, to satisfy young imaginations. Different storylines can be invented, where anxious children can immerse themselves in a “makeup” world. As a parent, the concentration and joy that your child’s face will exhibit will bring you a feeling of peace. To be able to distract them if only for a short period, is a positive way to reduce anxiety.


Gears Puzzle Toy Gears Puzzle Toy


This is a toy where an anxious child will be placed in a puzzle environment. The way they need to think sequentially and logically, in a number of different patterns, can give hours of enjoyment. In turn, time focused on other things allows for periods away from the constant fears that a child with an anxiety disorder suffers from.


Multi-Purpose Slant Board Slant Board

This educational toy allows kids to explore and challenge their imagination. Three separate surfaces to work on is a dream for young adventurers. These include a felt storyboard, reversible chalk-magnetic dry erase board, and a tracing surface from clear Plexi. The options to create storylines for children are therefore endless. It will give a child with anxiety, the chance to be independent, self-sufficient, and not so needy for parental help. This will go a long way to relieving some of the anxiety issues that can appear at a moment’s notice.


The above few toys are just some examples of educational toys that can benefit anxious kids. These kinds of toys are important, as they are a great reprieve from the stress children may be going through daily. It is not uncommon that anxiety disorders can develop into depression.

This is not a scenario that any parent would want to see. Depression can be an insidious thing that is still unknown for many, without any clear solution. What’s worse is that often it can only be treated by medication and is an ongoing condition. The constant stress that a family suffers through, can be extremely debilitating and affect all family members.