The best way a 3-year-old toddler can learn is through play. That’s why toys play a vital role in encouraging the love of learning in toddlers. Learning and educational toys aid in the development of several different skills that children need in their lives.

Here are some educational favorites for toddlers, that maximize the learning ability in toddlers:

Wooden Blocks

learning blocks for toddlersThis super simple toy packs so many learning benefits. There are plenty of different types of blocks ranging from wooden, plastic, foam, etc. Building blocks aid in developing the social, physical, cognitive, and emotional skills of toddlers. Playing with blocks improves the hand-eye coordination of toddlers. There is a rapid increase in imagination and problem-solving ability in toddlers when they play with blocks. In addition, playing with blocks with your toddler can be used as an opportunity to build their vocabulary. You can get descriptive while describing a shape, color, and size of blocks and children can learn from it. While playing with blocks, children can learn independence. Moreover, this is a toy that children can share with other children and therefore it improves the social skills of children.

Magnetic Tiles

These are little magnetic puzzle pieces that come in different colors and shapes. Therefore, it helps toddlers to learn different colors and shapes. Additionally, just like building blocks, magnetic tiles also improve the skills of 3-year-olds to use their hand and eyes simultaneously. To build structures with magnetic tiles, toddlers use their fine motor skills, hence playing with magnetic tiles refines these skills. Another very important learning outcome of playing with magnetic tiles is that toddlers learn to be patient, and it helps in building their concentration span. It also boosts brain activity of toddlers as creativity and imagination are used while playing with them.

Shape Sorters

There are many developmental benefits for toddlers who are involved in playing with shape sorters. Toddlers can learn the names of different shapes as well as learn to match similar shapes. Along with toddlers’ geometrical skills, shape sorters also improve other mathematical skills, like counting numbers. Children can learn to count shapes when they place the right shape in the right hole. This activity also builds the confidence of your child every time you encourage them, and it enriches their self-esteem when you compliment them. 


Puzzles can be very educational for your toddler. They help your little one to become more patient and persistent. They are a great toy to build spatial awareness, memory, and critical thinking. Puzzles are also a great tool for developing the physical skills of your toddler. Along with teaching hand-eye coordination and strengthening fine motor skills, large puzzles often help in brushing the gross motor skills of toddlers. Furthermore, puzzles can enhance and develop your child’s social skills through cooperative play. While playing with puzzles , toddlers can manipulate their surroundings, which enables their brain development as a toddler gets a much better understanding of their environment.

Sensory Bins 

Sensory Bins as a learning toolSensory bins provide a way for your child to explore the world through their senses. For early childhood development, toddlers must use all five senses actively and sensory play provides a perfect opportunity for it. It helps augment your toddler’s brain with his/her nerves. Sensory bins teach children some basic life skills, such as pouring and scoping. Additionally, it is a perfect way to encourage scientific thinking in children. Moreover, while playing with them, toddlers pour contents into different containers which make them learn about the concept of estimation and measurement. Most importantly, playing with sensory bins is a very relaxing activity, so it helps to relieve stress in toddlers.

Writing Boards

Writing boards help your toddler to write and draw independently . It teaches pen control to your little ones, as muscles in their fingers as well as in their hands strengthen while playing on writing boards. They can be used to teach letter formation to your child. Having a writing board in your house provides children with the opportunity to be more creative. By using easel writing boards, children also learn to stabilize their shoulders and arms. Furthermore, children tend to hold a board with one hand while they use the other one to scribble, this improves the coordination ability of both hands.


Abacus is an exceptionally good wooden game for children as they can learn numbers with orders. This is an educational game that provides you with the opportunity to introduce your kids to color recognition , math skills, and patterning. Some of the most important skills that a 3-year-old needs to develop are hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which can be enhanced through playing with an abacus. It also enables children to concentrate while doing arithmetic calculations.

Kitchen Sets

Learning through Kitchen setsKitchen sets are perfect for 3-year-olds as they make them more responsible and organized and improve their decision-making skills. It encourages pretend play for kids that stretches their creativity and imagination . While role-playing with kitchen sets, kids learn new vocabulary, and their communication skills improve over time. Besides, children also learn about healthy food choices.

Toy Musical Instruments

Scientific research has shown that children who play with musical instruments face accelerated brain development. Toys like xylophone, piano, and drum sets are beneficial for toddlers.Musical toys enable children to be more expressive. It encourages both the physical and mental engagement of kids. It also improves the neurological activity of brain cells. Playing with musical instruments can be extremely fun for kids, besides boosting their sensory development.

Train Sets

While playing with toy train sets, children can come across several new concepts. They learn to assemble the train track in different ways. Children use the method of trial and error to construct the train track, which teaches them some valuable problem-solving skills. The obsession of toddlers with trains helps in their communication skills as they learn unfamiliar words. Lastly, playing with trains also improves the motor skills of toddlers.


All the toys mentioned in the above list are much more than fun and games for your toddler. They provide an opportunity for your toddler to learn while having fun and building necessary life skills.