Babies develop at a much more accelerated rate than toddlers. By the time a baby reaches nine months of age, her brain has developed to a stage where she:

  • Likes to play peek-a-boo and looks for objects that you hide.
  • Can track objects as they fall.
  • Likes to explore objects by her mouth
  • Can grasp and handle objects

In terms of how nine-month-old babies can move, they have figured out a few skills. He:

  • Can crawl.
  • Can pull up using furniture to stand.
  • Can sit without being supported.

At 9 months of age babies need certain tools to help with their development. Here is a list of Montessori Toys that can help a 9-month-old with each of the above-mentioned skills.


Object Permanence

9 Month Old BabyObject permanence is the skill where the baby recognizes that objects still exist even though she can no longer see them. At nine months of age, a baby is starting to understand the concept. Games such as peek-a-boo are great ways to make sure that the baby develops this skill. You can also hide certain favorite toys around the room and ask the baby to find them. Since at this age, she can crawl, just sit, and watch them cruise around the room on all four, looking for her favorite toy.


Visual Tracking

amazing ball tracker toy Visual tracking is the skill where the baby can track the movement of an object with his eyes. At 9 months of age, your baby has grown just enough to hold on to an object and stand up. He also needs to develop his newfound skill of tracking an object’s movement. The Amazing Ball Tracker is a great Montessori Toy for 9-month-olds. They can grab the sides and use it to stand up and drop the ball and follow and track it as it makes its way down to the bottom.




Grasping and Handling


Your 9-month-old has learned to grasp objects and even put them in her mouth. Here, you must be very careful with toys. Some toys have small parts that are not safe for children under 3 years of age. There is a serious risk of injury or choking if the baby swallows something small. Not only that, but the chemicals used in some manufacturing processes to manufacture some toys are of concern. You must ensure that the material used in baby toys are safe. The paints are safety tested based on local American standards in US labs and are lead-free.

Wooden Name Puzzle We think that our Personalized Name Puzzle is a perfect toy at this stage. First, the baby’s name is puzzled into a board. These puzzle pieces are large enough for the baby to handle. Secondly, the baby can be exposed to the language and shape recognition as well as spatial knowledge. Lastly, the name puzzles are made in the US from natural wood and child-safe paints that if the baby puts in her mouth, is completely safe.