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Carpets for kids ABC Phonic Seating Squares Set of 26, 12in

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Made In : toy made in United States
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Carpets For Kids ABC Phonic Seating Squares Set of 26

Discover a world of interactive learning with the ABC Phonic Seating Squares Set. Comprising 26 squares, this set promises to turn every lesson into an adventure.

Quality at Its Best

Every square stands as a testament to impeccable craftsmanship. Using only the finest materials, these squares ensure both durability and comfort. With a size of 12 inches, they offer a perfect spot for children to sit, play, and learn.

Alphabet Adventures Await

From A to Z, each square showcases a letter. But there's more. Vibrant illustrations accompany these letters, turning phonics learning into a visual treat. As children sit on these squares, they immerse themselves in the world of letters and images, boosting their vocabulary and letter recognition skills.

More than Just Seating

These squares do more than provide seating. They foster group activities, storytelling sessions, and interactive games. Every square promotes social interactions and cognitive development, making learning a group activity.

Flexibility in Learning

Every classroom and play area is unique. That's why these squares offer versatility. Arrange them alphabetically, design patterns, or create a maze. The choice is yours. And with each arrangement, you add a fresh twist to learning.

Safety Comes First

Kids are always on the move, and safety is crucial. With a non-slip backing, these squares stay in place, ensuring that playtimes remain safe. Place them on any floor, and they'll provide a secure seating spot.

Easy Care for Busy Days

Children can be messy, but cleaning these squares is a breeze. Designed for easy care, they ensure that spills and stains don't stay. A quick spot clean, and they're ready for the next learning session.

Transform Learning Environments

The ABC Phonic Seating Squares don't just teach; they inspire. They're not just squares; they're the future of interactive learning. Add them to your space and watch as they turn every lesson into a memorable experience.

Feature of Carpet for kids ABC Phonic Seating Squares Set of 26, 12in Squares:

  • 25X Stain Protection True Stain Blocker Technology clean with hot water only; safe for kids.
  • No Fault Edge Warranty covers the serge edge, no questions asked. You pay the shipping one way.
  • 5-Year Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty. Proudly made in the USA.
  • KIDply Backing System, patented technology that enables lasting dimensional stability for rugs.