Carpet for kids Alphabet Seating Rug 6ft x 9ft Rectangle

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Alphabet Seating Rug - 6ft x 9ft Rectangle: Where Fun Meets Learning

Welcome to the Alphabet Seating Rug! It's a colorful, educational rug that's 6 feet by 9 feet, perfect for any kid-friendly space.

Colorful Learning Adventure

The rug shows the alphabet in a fun, bright way. It's designed to grab kids' attention and make learning enjoyable.

Soft and Strong

  • Quality Materials: It's made with soft, high-quality stuff that's great for everyday play.
  • Cozy for Kids: Offers a comfortable spot for sitting, playing, and learning.

Perfect for Groups

  • Each Kid Gets a Spot: The rug has individual spaces, helping kids learn to organize and play together.

Safe and Sound

  • No Slips: A non-slip back means kids can play safely, without the rug moving around.

Make Spaces Better

  • More Than Decor: This rug makes classrooms, playrooms, or daycares both fun and useful.

Rug Details

  • Just Right Size: At 6ft x 9ft, it's great for group games and activities.
  • Clean Easy: Comes with 25X Stain Protection for easy cleaning.
  • Peace of Mind: A 5-Year Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty and Free Shipping.
  • Built to Last: Made in the USA with a special KIDply Backing System.

Get the Alphabet Seating Rug to mix learning, comfort, and safety in your children's play area!

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