Carpet for kids Jungle Jam Counting Rug 4ft x 6ft Rectangle

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Discover Playful Learning with the Jungle Jam Counting Rectangle Rug

The Jungle Jam Counting Rectangle Rug is a vibrant, educational carpet designed to make learning fun for kids. Spanning 4 feet in width and 6 feet in length, this rug provides a colorful playground for children to enhance their counting skills and engage with adorable jungle animal illustrations.

This educational rug combines vivid colors and playful imagery of jungle creatures with numbers from 1 to 10, allowing kids to link each number to a corresponding group of animals. This design approach not only makes counting enjoyable but also enriches cognitive development through visual association and interactive play.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Jungle Jam Counting Rug offers a soft, plush surface ideal for various activities such as walking, sitting, and imaginative play. It's built to provide comfort while ensuring durability, capable of withstanding the bustling energy of eager learners.

Suitable for playrooms, classrooms, and nurseries, this rug is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, promising long-lasting use and continuous enjoyment. It's an excellent tool for fostering early numeracy skills and encouraging active participation and problem-solving through playful learning.

Key Features of the Jungle Jam Counting Rug:

  • Size: 4ft x 6ft - perfect for fitting into various educational and play settings.
  • Durability: Features 25X Stain Protection with True Stain Blocker Technology, making it easy to clean with just hot water and safe for kids.
  • Warranty: Includes a No Fault Edge Warranty and a Lifetime Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty, showcasing its quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Manufacture: Proudly made in the USA with the KIDply Backing System, ensuring the rug maintains its shape and placement over time.

Enhance your child's learning environment with the Jungle Jam Counting Rectangle Rug, where fun meets function in an educational setting!

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