Carpets for kids A to Z Animals Nature 7ft 6in x 12ft Rectangle

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Carpets for kids A to Z Animals Nature 7ft 6in x 12ft Rectangle

Step into a world of wonder with the A to Z Animals Nature Rug, sized generously at 7ft 6in x 12ft rectangle. This rug is more than just a carpet; it's a gateway to nature's beauty and the animal kingdom's marvels, right in your child's space.

With top-notch craftsmanship, this rug promises both durability and a soft touch. It's a cozy spot for kids to sit, play, and learn. The rug showcases the alphabet, with each letter paired with a beautiful animal in its natural setting. From the sky to the forest, it's a visual treat!

The rectangle shape means there's plenty of room for friends to join in the fun. Whether it's storytime, playtime, or learning time, this rug fits perfectly in classrooms, playrooms, or large spaces at home.

Playtime should be worry-free. That's why this rug has a non-slip backing. Kids can play, jump, and have fun without any slips. And if there are any spills? No worries! The rug is easy to clean and stays looking fresh and vibrant.

But this rug isn't just about fun. It's a learning journey. Kids can learn their ABCs, discover new animals, and even learn about different habitats. It's a blend of fun and education that sparks curiosity and love for nature.

So, if you're looking for a rug that offers more than just a soft place to sit, this is it. The A to Z Animals Nature Rug is a journey of discovery, learning, and fun, all rolled into one.

Features of the A to Z Animals Nature Rug:

  • 20X Stain Protection with True Stain Blocker Technology. Just use hot water for cleaning.
  • No Fault Edge Warranty - We cover the edges, no questions asked.
  • Lifetime Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty. A mark of quality, proudly made in the USA.
  • Unique KIDply Backing System. Our special technology ensures the rug stays perfect, always.
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