Carpets for kids Alphabet Stones Seating Kit Set of 26, 12in Rounds

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Carpets for Kids Alphabet Stones Seating Kit: A World of Learning Fun

Introducing the Alphabet Stones Seating Kit from Carpets for Kids. It's a cute set of 26 round "stones", each 12 inches across. They make a fun and educational place for kids to sit.

Fun with Letters

  • Each stone has a different letter, turning learning into play.
  • Great for recognizing letters and having fun with words.

Strong and Safe for Kids

  • Quality Materials: Made to last and safe for kids.
  • Perfect for Daily Fun: Stands up to use in classrooms, playrooms, or daycares.

Learning Together

  • Helps with reading and talking.
  • Great for playing and learning with others.

Useful Anywhere Kids Learn

  • Super for group talks, story time, or solo fun.
  • Fits well in many learning spaces.

Easy for Grown-Ups

  • Light and easy to move or store.
  • Simple to clean, which is great for teachers and parents.

Kit Details

  • Stain Protection: Easy to keep clean.
  • Warranties: Comes with a No Fault Edge Warranty and a Lifetime Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty.
  • Made in the USA: With a special KIDply Backing System.
  • Full Alphabet: 26 stones, one for each letter.
  • Free shipping!

The Alphabet Stones Seating Kit is perfect for any place where kids learn. It's not just a set of seats; it's a fun way to help with reading and playing.

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