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Guidecraft 42 Piece Double-sided Roadway System

Guidecraft 42 Piece Double-sided Roadway System

Guidecraft Community & Roadway Essentials

Guidecraft Community & Roadway Essentials


Guidecraft 6 Piece Community Buildings

1000 total units currently In Stock
Made In : toy made in China
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Guidecraft 6 Piece Community Buildings: A World of Imaginative Play

Check out Guidecraft 6 Piece Community Buildings, great for kids 2 years and older. This toy set has six strong plywood buildings, each one looking like a place we know in our community. It’s perfect for lots of fun and learning through play.

Endless Creative Possibilities

Made for creative play, each building in this set has a door that’s at least 3.5" high. This means lots of different cars and characters can fit through. The set has a Fire Station, Police Department, Hospital, School, Grocery Store, and Service Station. They’re each about 6.5" long, 5.75" wide, and 6.5" high.

Seamless Integration

These durable buildings integrate effortlessly with the Guidecraft Roadway system and unit block accessories, enhancing your child’s block play experience and stimulating their creativity and design skills.

Culturally Inclusive Play

This set comes with stickers in French and Spanish. This adds a cool touch from different cultures to the buildings. It helps kids learn about and enjoy different languages and cultures.

Sturdy and Engaging Design

Every building has a strong, wide base. This makes it easy to use them with roads, cars, and characters. They’re built tough, so they’re safe and last long for little kids.

Benefits and Educational Focus

This set isn’t just fun; it helps kids grow important skills. It’s great for playing pretend, telling stories, and learning to play together. All this helps with social skills and thinking skills.

Gift the Joy of Learning

The Guidecraft 6 Piece Community Buildings set is a great gift for kids. It’s more than a toy; it’s a way for them to use their imagination, be creative, and learn how to get along with others. Make their playtime special with this set!