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Picture shows KIDSoft Tranquil Trees Green Rug 6ft x 9ft - Classroom Carpet which is a soft-green rectangular carpet with pictures of serene trees around the vertical (short side) border.

KIDSoft Tranquil Trees Green Rug 6ft x 9ft - Classroom Carpet

Carpet for kids KIDSoft Tranquil Trees - Green 7ft 6in x 12

7ft 6in x 12 Soft Green Rectangular Classroom Rug


Carpets for kids KIDSoft Tranquil Trees - Green 6ft X 9ft Oval

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🌳 KIDSoft Tranquil Trees Carpet in Green (6ft x 9ft Oval) - Creating Serene Play Spaces 🌳

The KIDSoft Tranquil Trees carpet, in a refreshing green color and measuring 6ft x 9ft in an oval shape, offers a serene and inviting atmosphere for children's play areas. Its charming forest scene, complete with graceful trees and lush foliage, sets the perfect stage for imaginative play and learning.


  • Nature-Inspired Design: The carpet features a peaceful forest scene that can stimulate children's imagination and encourage a connection with nature.
  • Soft and Comfortable: Made from high-quality materials, the carpet provides a plush and cushioned surface for kids to sit, crawl, and play.
  • Durable and Easy to Clean: With stain-resistant technology and robust construction, it withstands daily play and is easy to maintain.

Educational Benefits:
Beyond its visual appeal, the Tranquil Trees carpet can be used as a tool to discuss nature, ecosystems, and the importance of environmental care, enriching children's learning experiences.

Product Details:
Dimensions: 6ft x 9ft oval | Finish: High-impact laminate for durability | Recommended Age: Suitable for various age groups, providing a versatile learning and play solution.

Transform any child-focused space into a haven of tranquility and exploration with the KIDSoft Tranquil Trees carpet, where comfort meets creativity in every thread. 🌳💰