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TAG Toys First Wooden Building Blocks for Toddlers

TAG Toys Wooden Building Blocks

TAG Toys Montessori Gear Puzzle Toy. A wooden board with rows of colorful removable wooden gears

TAG Toys Gear Puzzle Toy


TAG Toys Montessori Motor Numbers

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Enhance Early Development with the Interactive Tactile Learning Motor Toy 🛠

Unlock the potential of young learners with the Interactive Tactile Learning Motor Toy, designed to teach children the fundamentals of drawing and writing through sensory-rich experiences. This innovative educational tool integrates motor numbers with shapes and letters to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

The unique feature of this toy is the button that moves along the path of each shape, allowing children to physically trace and visually follow the movements. This interaction is not only engaging but significantly beneficial for children with special needs or those who are developing their motor skills.

  • Multi-Sensory Learning: Combines visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning to enhance motor coordination and sensory development.
  • Education and Engagement: Used worldwide by educators, this tool has proven effective in helping young children and those with special needs grasp basic writing and drawing techniques.
  • Patterning Technique: Employs a teaching method where the child's movements are guided by the toy, reinforcing muscle memory associated with each letter, number, or shape.

With dimensions of 5 x 4 x 1 inches and a weight of 4 pounds, the motor toy is perfectly sized for little hands. Recommended for ages 3 to 6 years, it's an ideal addition to any early learning classroom or home education setting.

Key Features:

  • Teaches essential pre-writing skills through guided muscular movements.
  • Helps form strong mental images of letters and shapes, crucial for cognitive development.
  • Durable and designed for repeated use, ensuring longevity in a busy learning environment.
  • Made in the US by TAG Toys

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