Snow White's Sweet Shop Book and Playset

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Snow White Play Set by Storytime Toys

A New Twist on a Classic Tale

See Snow White in a new light! She’s strong and positive, not just a princess in trouble. When trouble comes, she finds friends and strength in the woods. And when the Evil Queen’s apple plan fails? Snow White wins and opens a Candy Apple Sweet Shop. Now, she shares happiness with everyone!

Interactive Play and Learning

Kids get a bright storybook with this set. It tells Snow White’s new tale and even has a yummy Candy Apple recipe. After reading, they can set up the Sweet Shop toy and play out the story. It’s fun and helps them remember the story better!

Quality and Convenience

The Snow White Play Set by Storytime Toys stands out for its high-quality design. Every piece is carefully made using the best yoga/baby mat material (EVA foam) and strong card stock. The Sweet Shop isn’t just a toy; it’s a 3-D puzzle adventure. When the fun’s over, just fold the set and store it in its small carrying case. It looks just like a book on a shelf. And kids can easily put it together with the simple tab-push method.

Features of the Snow White Play Set

  • Engaging illustrated storybook with a unique twist on the classic Snow White tale.

  • Delightful Candy Apple recipe to spark culinary adventures.

  • Premium quality materials ensuring durability and safety.

  • Travel-friendly carrying case for storage and portability.

  • Easy-to-assemble 3-D puzzle design.

Benefits of the Snow White Play Set

  • Enhanced Creativity: The set encourages imaginative play and storytelling, fueling a child’s creativity.

  • Hands-On Learning: Assembly of the 3-D puzzle enhances problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

  • Quality Materials: Crafted from child-safe EVA foam and durable card stock, ensuring longevity and safety.

  • Interactive Engagement: The included storybook and recipe offer a multi-dimensional play experience.

  • Easy Storage: The foldable design paired with a carrying case allows for hassle-free storage.

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